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Modifying the Alzheimer’s Disease Process !
“Towards the prevention of Alzheimer's disease”

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The latest publication

「治験英語ハンドブック」国際共同治験Q&Aと英文モニタリング報告書の書き方例“Towards the Prevention of Alzheimer's disease”
     - Challenge from Prodromal Phase -

Clinical researchers and supervisors:
Prof. A. David Smith FMedSci
Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology
University of Oxford
Founding Director, Oxford Project to
Investigate Memory and Ageing (OPTIMA)
Hon. Associate Director
MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit

Dr. Celeste A. de Jager
Neuropsychologist at OPTIMA
Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
University of Oxford

Supervisor of the Japanese version:
Tohru Koide, Ph.D.

Editor and author:
Eiko Kon
Science journalist
MediPharma Language Ltd.

◎ e-Book / 69pages ¥3,240 (Included tax)

◎ Hard copy based book / 69pages ¥5,400 (Included tax)
[Internal dispatch] ¥400
[Overseas dispatch] ¥1,500

NOTE⇒As for 4 copies or more, the postage will be as follows:
[Internal dispatch]¥1,600
[Overseas dispatch]¥3,500

ISBN code : 978-4-905175-01-8
Published in May 28, 2012.
Being on sale.

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TEL. 03-3589-2770
FAX. 03-5935-8442
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