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Modifying the Alzheimer’s Disease Process !
“Towards the prevention of Alzheimer's disease”

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Publications in Healthcare and Wellness

In addition to managing an educational services company, Eiko Kon has published on innovative health treatments and diagnostics for the Japanese public.

Handbook for Clinical Trials (Japanese and English version):
Q&A with respect to Global Clinical Trials, and How to write monitoring report in English
(MediPharma Publising, Tokyo 2011)

The Human Genome: Areas of Light and Shadow (Shokabo Publishing, Tokyo 2001),
Stem Cell Technology (Chuokoronjigyou Publishing, Tokyo 2003).

Eiko Kon in 2002 also published a report on Cloning and Bioethics in the Japanese monthly magazine published by Chuokoron-shinsha Inc.

The Elegant Dandy Diet (ICO Publishing, Tokyo 2005).

"Handbook for Clinical Trials"
(MediPharma Publishing, Tokyo 2011)

"The Human Genome:
Areas of Light and Shadow"
(Shokabo Publishing, Tokyo 2001).

"Stem Cell Technology"
(Chuokoronjigyou Publishing, Tokyo 2003).

"The Elegant Dandy Diet"
(ICO Publishing, Tokyo 2005).


MediPharma Language is involved in life-sciences seminars, training sessions, mainly in pharmaceutical translation.

Seminar Performance

July 8, 10 Seminar on pharmaceutical translation at Japan Translation Federation
Feb. 28, 07 The Future of Hospital Healthcare in Japan
Nov. 4, 06 Seminar on pharmaceutical and medical translation

MediPharma Language of educational services for medical and pharmaceutical translation
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